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Career Counselling

We understand that detailed and complete career advice is lacking in many educational institutions. Our counselors, who have excellent knowledge about certified courses available within India and abroad with employment outcomes, work closely with students on a daily basis, motivating them towards further course of study.

We provide a comprehensive, affordable and start-to-finish "Career Counselling" service for students seeking a serious counselling & help in choosing a career path that will lead them to success.

We use advanced, relevant, and scientific evaluation & training tools and modules to prepare students to appear and do well in entrance exams. Our training duration lasts about 4 weeks. During these four weeks we drive student’ towards becoming serious, focused, & methodical learners. Our ongoing test and practice sessions and scholarly environment helps to maintain the momentum.

Our counselling relieves parents of the guilt of not spending enough time with the child. We keep them personally involved at every stage via WhatsApp or through other means.

Home Tuition

It is an academic success oriented program with best tutoring service. The system trains them to take deep interest and stay focused to reach the desired goals. Not only that, they get motivated to change their learning habits in such a way that it works for them throughout their life. This assures that she achieves what is desired. She gets the benefits permanently after learning by Easyconcpt

  • Stressfree and focused approach for all future academic challenges.
  • Savings in the situation of failure from ATKT or dropouts and below average performances.
  • Confidence and self-motivation comes easily.
  • Can define all goals clearly.
  • Deeper interest in all academic goals.
  • Takes deep interest in their goals without distractions and with deeper focus.
  • All the qualities helpful and will surely work for all professional qualifying exams.


Are you thinking to improve the learning habits of a student and make them excellent in studies?

Trusted & Verified Teachers

Our hiring process ensures that best teachers are selected from a vast reservoir of applicants

Result Oriented Concept

We provide well explained video lectures, practice and reading materials to help you score high.

Hand Holding Support

Teachers of EASYCONCpT help the students to solve their burning problem of doing the right practice to achieve their goal.

Technology yet Human Touch

Technology at EASYCONCpT is supported by the human touch to make the students alert and create deep interest in their studies.


What Teachers and Parents say about EASYCONCpT ?

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Sai Kumar


“I find EASYCONCpT to be very reliable whom one can depend on support and right service. They do offer flexible in choosing teachers if one is not happy during the whole period of contract. This aspect give us assurance as a parent. Teachers are selected very professionally and so teachers do perform as desire. Thanks for all the support”.

Nitin Shah


“We would like to express our sincere gratitude towards all teachers plus supporting staff for rendering excellent onsite support. All teachers have competency in their subject.”



“I was from Pune University and needed help in clearing a lot of back log papers. It was helpful and I cleared my engineering. Amitdev Mishra Sir was particularly very helpful. They went out of their way and provided assistance. Overall I would consider it a useful experience.”

Sudhir Acharya


“I took service from EASYCONCpT and find suitable for me. I am happy with their service and subject wise teacher's knowledge is excellent.”

Ms. Zelma Santiago


“I am Ms. Zelma Santiago, I am an Arts graduate and have done my teacher's training in English & Geography. I have been teaching from past 33 years. I am affiliate to EASYCONCpT which is a unique educational institute providing home tuitions by experienced teachers.”

Rahul Pandey


“I wanted to say that any institute success is determined by the right connectivity between the teachers and institute and EASYCONCpT is the best example of that.”

Hemant Pawar


“I Mr. Hemat PawarM.Sc. B.Ed (Chem, Maths) I am working with EASYCONCpT from last 3 years . I am really happy that I am a part of EASYCONCpT because they not only think about the business expansion but also to provide good quality education to students.”

K.P Singh


“I am Kamal Pratap Singh. I am M.A with English Literature. My teaching subjects are English, S.S. I am affiliated with EASYCONCpT since last 10 years. It is unique educational institute and provide private Home tuitions. Young and experienced teachers who are looking forward for teaching this institution is one of the best option. Satisfaction of the students is the motto of us.”


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What our Reputed & Experienced Teachers says about EASYCONCpT.

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Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by students regarding the EasyConcpt programs and Services.


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